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Old age made easy


Stay young and live longer has always had a special appeal to humans for obvious reasons. The idea has become a huge business in the world if we think of all anti-aging treatments with injections, pills, creams, serums crowned by plastic surgery which promise, and partially accomplish, rejuvenation over night, effacing traces of time. It appears that nobody ever wants to grow old. Possibly because there is no reward or compensation attached to it. Quite the contrary ! Your youthful energy, stamina and charisma become history, you start suffering from various ailments and disorders, you often feel, if not totally ignored, certainly marginalized by “active” society. Hence the interest shared by individuals, starting as early as their forties, in what Dr. Michael Lam calls the 5 pillars of anti-aging medicine, namely 1. diet; 2. exercise; 3.hormonal enhancement; 4. nutritional supplements; 5. stress reduction.

Nowadays, we have come to better understand the aging process, in close connection to metabolism. The pace we age, the way our body keeps healthy, or loses immunity and becomes prone to disease, has to do with the two main directions of metabolism, namely its anabolic growth and cell regeneration on the one side and the catabolic destruction of cells and tissues on the other side.

It goes without saying that growth and cell regeneration lead to the rejuvenation in which our body maintains or regains its vigour, whereas our immune system and all our organs operate at optimal rates.

It may take long years before we notice the effects and symptoms of the degenerative process, or of the catabolic destruction. Many of us assume that disease and disorder are inevitably associated to the natural and irreversible aging process, but this assumption will be challenged when we discover that our genetic heritage accounts for our “troubles” in a rate of only 6-10%. The rest percentage has to do with our everyday choices, with our attitude and response to various challenges, with the way we think or eat, drink, sleep, exercise, and the way we are able to avoid stress and anxiety. If we come to the conclusion that the way we live our life is unhealthy, we can always mend and correct it. Shifting to the right track or health mode is always possible provided that we get good advice, are determined to do whatever is to be done, and carefully apply the lessons we have learned. “It can take some time before you get younger” said playful Pablo Picasso, probably based on his own uproarious life experience. Actually one to three years for a successful anti-aging program, as ascertained by experts.

By way of communication and medical examination, by trying to get informed and updated about the latest trends and accomplishments in anti-aging research, and share it with our fellow men and women through accessible publications, seminars, courses and presentations, by selecting and recommending certain foods, supplements or bio-cosmetics, the members of the “European Club 55 Plus” fully support Dr. Valter Longo’s concept of “self- protection from aging”, which can certainly be achieved by each one of us if we pay attention to our body’s innate ability to regenerate itself at the cellular and organ levels. How to effectively act on the aging process, how to postpone it, and prevent many common diseases, how to pave the way towards a “healthy longevity” in order to stay fully functional into our nineties, hundreds and beyond, is the unreachable star that we can all reach.


Members of the « European Club 55 Plus » Team

Maria Burs, formerly editor of a medical review, with a strong interest in anti-aging strategies, healthy nutrition, aromatherapy and phytotherapy;  qualified as a facial rejuvenation consultant

Maria Cojocaru, engineer, with an interest in telomere length research and tests

Mihaela Dobos, GP, with a rich case load of patients 55+, and an interest in alternative therapies

Doina Grecu, chemical engineer, with an interest in aromatherapy and recipes

Irina Popescu, psychologist, practicing psycho-therapy at a mental health hospital in Sydney, Australia

Carmen Rosu, practitioner in reflexology/ Bowen therapy

Lacramioara Ursulescu, Major in kinesiology, fitness coach

NOTE. The content of www.oldagemadeeasy.com  is  the editor’s attempt to highlight selected works by medical doctors whose research work and ideas are acknowledged,  as well as reliable and popular websites such as www.draxe.com relating to nutrition and supplements, to natural remedies like essential oils,  to anti-aging  lifestyles or psychotherapies, to bio-cosmetics, as well as to the role played by exercise and fitness for a healthy longevity.  Information is shared for educational purposes only, and does not cover all product possible ways of usage, all warning measures, all possible adverse interactions, incongruities or side effects. The information will not be used as a substitute of specialized medical control and examination especially if you are taking medication, or have a medical condition.

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